Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another eBay Purchase

Every time I go on eBay I end up ordering something. This time is was this gorgeous 15 shade eye shadow palette. I have been eyeing this palette forever and decided to finally hit the 'buy now' button! The palette has 15 shadows, 12 matte and 3 gorgeous shimmers.

I first noticed this palette because of the warm reddish/brown shades. I have so many palettes I've lost count but I don't have many of these rusty/brown shades in my collection. I think these shades will be perfect for the Autumn months ahead. The palette also has a gorgeous black shade which you can use for lining the eyes and a beautiful white shade which is perfect for highlighting the brow and inner corner of the eye.

I bought this palette for the bargain price of €3.40 (Includes delivery). Link for the seller here

Has anyone else purchased any palettes on eBay they would recommend?


  1. Please do a swatches posts as I am not sure if I should buy this palette or not :) xx