Friday, 29 August 2014

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

All my friends will tell you I have an obsession with hair extensions, and changing up my hair. I absolutely love having long voluminous hair. My own hair doesn't grow very well... I guess after all the hair colours and back combing I have done some real damage to my hair. So I have gotten hair extensions over the last few years to give the appearance that I have long healthy flowing locks!

I decided to get some Great Lengths hair extensions this month. I have had Great Lengths in the past and I think they are fantastic. Great Lengths extensions tend to be more expensive then say HairSpray or extensions you might find in some salons but I think they are definitely worth forking out the extra cash.

Great Lengths is the largest hair extensions company in the world. They use 100% human hair sourced from the Temples of India. Great Lengths do not use any toxic chemicals for the di-pigmentations of the pigmentation process of the hair which means there is no negative Eco impact from there production process. Great Lengths are bonded using a kertin bond, Keratin is a protein from which your own natural hair is made from, this means it is gentle and not as harsh as glues or beads. Several celebrities are huge fans of the brand, clients include Rosanna Davidson, Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato  and Selena Gomez...Who doesn't want Selena Gomez hair?

I decided to go for two different colour extensions, a shade to match my own colour and a shade slightly lighter so the extensions blended easily and look very natural. I went for the 30cm length. The extensions also come in a longer length, 45cm. Application takes approx. 3 hrs.

I really do believe I get much longer out of Great Lengths hair than other brands I have tried. They feel so light in your hair, you don't feel pulled down with the weight of them. They are fabulously soft to touch and they wash very well. Another great thing about them is, they do not take years to dry like some other brands. It's very easy to style the extensions, and they hold a curl beautifully. If you look after your hair you can expect your set to last 4-6 months.

My Great Lengths were applied by the lovely Sarah at SD Hair Design & Extensions. Sarah is a certified Great Lengths Stylist. Go check out Sarah's page for photos, prices and more information.

Sarah used the InStyler Rotating Iron to create these gorgeous voluminous curls in my hair, I need one of these in my life, It's definitely going on the Christmas list!

Is anyone else a fan of Great Lengths?