Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Brow Artist Review

I was quite nervous about my first trip to get my eyebrows shaped. I have to say apart from having my eyebrows threaded once or twice I generally try to tidy them up myself. I have quite small eyebrows and they have always been something I wish I could change. After hearing people give great reviews about their experience at The Brow Artist, I decided to take the plunge and make an appointment and I was not disappointed!

The Brow Artist is a Brow boutique based in Ranelagh. They focus on creating a perfect eyebrow shape by using a variety of treatments. The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes, the treatment includes treading, tweezing and tinting.

Currently The Brow Artist offers two options:

Perfect Shape Brow: This perfect shape long lasting brow is achieved using a combination of shaping and bespoke tinting. It may last anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks approximately depending on your hair growth pattern & skin type . An appointment includes a consultation, Brow shape using threading and tweezing and bespoke tinting using a variety of tones to achieve the desired shade.
An appointment with a junior artist cost €35 and senior artist costs €45.
Semi Permanent Perfect Shape Brow:
Semi Permanent Perfect Shape Brow treatment involves a form of micro pigmentation. In simple terms, this means that pigment is placed just under the skin with a very fine needle, not dissimilar in theory to tattooing. The difference between the two lies in the length of time that the pigment is retained in the skin. In traditional tattooing, the skin in penetrated at a much deeper level, so the pigment essentially never fades. Micro-pigmentation, on the other hand, is done at such a superficial level in the skin that over the course of roughly two years, the pigment is gradually shed and the colour fades almost completely. Price: 650 euro.

I booked in for a 'Perfect Shape Brow' appointment. From the moment I walked in the door I felt at ease. The girls are all lovely and I felt very comfortable. The treatment began with Nicole doing a review of my brows and consultation on what shape etc I was hoping for. I was a bit skeptical about how painful the procedure was going to be but it was genuinely quite a pleasant experience, I had already had my eyebrows threaded before so I knew that was mildly uncomfortable but aside from that the procedure was completely painless. I was absolutely thrilled when I first got a glimpse at my new brows. I could not believe the transformation. My little tiny eyebrows are now full sculpted defined brows. Before and after pictures below.

Anyone who is thinking about getting an eyebrow shape... or should I say transformation should definitely book in an appointment with the girls at The Brow Artist. You can check out cancellation appointment's through their Facebook page here, or email thebrowartist@gmail.com.


  1. I loved this post, I'm all for the eyebrows, makes such a difference. Your eyebrows look great! Xx
    Bean's Beauty Blog

  2. If you can try a benefit brow bar they're fabulous as well x

  3. we've been wanting to try getting our brows threaded for the longest time ever!! Anyone we've seen who has tried this seems to really have the perfect brows, you included!! We're going to have to find a place that does treading near us!!