Friday, 6 July 2012

Shellac & Monster Bundle!

I read on a blog that you can use Nail art plates with Shellac polish! I was so excited and could not wait to give this a try.

My friend dropped over last night to get her usually Shellac manicure and I was delighted when she allowed me to try out a design with the Shellac.

She decided on Shellac Iced Coral with a flower design from BM 224.

What you guys think?

I also did some swatches with a few other Shellac colours!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monster Bundle!

After purchasing one Konad plate I was dying to buy more, but found them a bit pricey. While checking out some designs on YouTube I noticed a lot of people had purchased dupes of the Konad products. After checking which ones worked best I logged straight onto Amazon and purchased myself the new Monster Bundle set of 25 plates.

Each plate contains 6 designs, totaling 150 designs! Total cost including packing came to 27euro. Link to Amazon here. I purchased my Stamper and scraper on ebay, links here.

I was thrilled when the package arrived! They arrived in a small plastic package and each one is covered in a plastic film to prevent scratches.
I have only tried out a few designs so far as I have been MIA sunning myself in beautiful Tenerife! I will have plenty of fun with these over the summer!

Cow print design- OPI Onyx (Black), OPI Alpine Snow (white) and Essence Icy Princess (silver), Plate BM-222.