Friday, 19 June 2015

Eylure Starter Kits

I absolutely love false lashes, but like most ladies it is a battle every weekend to try and get them on and keep them staying on for the night. Eylure have launched Eylure Starter Kits* which are aimed at beginners or people like myself which are still having difficulty after years of practice! The kit contains a set of lashes, a lash applicator, a practice lash, 2 glue pods and detailed instructions on the application process. There are 3 Starter Kits available- Natural No 020, Lengthening No 118 and Volume No 101.

As this is a constant struggle for me I could not wait to give this a try. First off, I love the picture on the back of the packaging, it shows a girl wearing the lashes, this gives you an idea of what the lashes will look like on. I also really liked the lash applicator. It is much easier to use than a tweezers, which is what I usually try to work with. As it is at an angle it holds the lash to its shape and makes it easier to apply the lash in the correct position. 
I did use the practice lash to measure up the lash size on my eye before I applied them, which I probably could have done with one of the lashes I was using, I found I didn't have much use for it, I only wished they added in another one so I could have had two sets! 
The volume lashes were gorgeous on my lashes and made my lashes stand out. I usually go for a more natural looking lash, I think the Natural No 020 will be my next purchase.

Has anyone given this Starter Kit a try?

Eylure lashes are available from Boots and pharmacies nationwide.