Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Essence all-in-one BB Cream Review

I just got back from 6 full days in Portugal, we got such amazing weather,  it's horrible to come back to this gloomy Irish weather but oh well  life and blogging must go on....

One product I took away with me was the Essence BB cream. I happened to come across this product when I was picking up my usual hoard of essence nail polish and decided to give it a try.

I was so impressed with this product. The packaging is lovely, the 30ml bottle is great for throwing into your bag when you're on the go. The product is lightweight on the skin and dries quickly leaving a soft dewy finish. It minimises pores, dark marks & blemishes- perhaps not as well as a foundation would, but it gives great coverage for a BB cream. I was really impressed with the staying power of this cream. It lasted on my skin for 6+ hours a day, which was great considering I was in baking heat. The cream also contains SPF 30.

The only downside I could find to this BB cream is the colour choice. It is only available in three shades- Universal, Natural, Medium. (I purchased No2 Natural)

I was really glad I picked up this gem before my holidays, I wore it every day to the beach. My face usually burns but this product kept my face hydrated and covered all day. I had a few new freckles and a subtle glow, it makes a change from the usual red blotchy face I have gotten from previous sun holidays. I would definitely recommend this for holiday trips.

Has anyone else tried this product?

Find about more about Essence products here,




  1. Oh nice and great value must try it I love my bb creams!

  2. Great review, will have to give it a try :)

  3. Hey Amy, I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :) You can check out the post here: http://girlmeetsfacepaint.blogspot.ie/2013/06/liebster-award.html

    I love your blog :) x

  4. Sounds good, have you ever tried the Essence gel liner? It's brilliant! x

    1. No I've never tried it, I'm going shopping this evening, might pick it up! x

  5. I was trying to decide between the Essence, Catrice and Rimmel BB creams this morning and ended up buying the Rimmel one so I might pick up the Essence one too and give it a go!

  6. An Essence BB Cream, that's so exciting! I haven't seen it so far in Kilkenny..!
    I love our description, by the way, "the little things in life that get you from one memory to the next"



    1. Thanks Bronagh, I'm heading over to your blog now to check it out, xxx

  7. Ive been waiting for some one to review BB cream, I just couldnt make up my mind whether to buy or not, think I will deffinatley give it a go now, lovely blog by the way :) xxx


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