Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sunkissed launches Bronze Professional NEW luxury tan collection- Once-A-Week Self Tan Review

I absolutely love Sunkissed tan and when I heard they had launched new products in a range called  Bronze Professional I could not wait to give them a try. This range includes two new tans in two shades, Bronze Professional Moisturiser Spray Tan and Bronze Professional Once-A-Week Self Tan Mousse. I have written several reviews on Sunkissed products, it is by far my favourite tan, the colour is beautiful and it lasts well. It smells amazing and is very easy to apply, the mousse glides across the skin and dries in seconds.

Tanning can be an effort so if there is a tan out there that will last a little longer I would be first in line to purchase it. This new Sunkissed product, *Bronze Professional Once-A-Week Self Tan Mousse promises to achieve just that. This tan is made with a new advanced formula which combines active ingredients to help penetrate the skin’s deeper layers for a longer lasting tan. The tan contains a vitamin VitaTone which works to visibly smooth the appearance of the skin, whilst offering intense nourishment and protection against free radicals. Bronze Professional Once-A-Week Self Tan Mousse is available in both Medium and Dark shades. The mouse is tinted and can therefor can  also be worn as an instant tan.

The verdict-
I prepped my skin as I usually do before applying tan. I exfoliated my skin and applied moisturiser on the drier parts of my skin, knees, elbows etc. The tan was very easy to apply just like the other Sunkissed products I have tried. It smells gorgeous, no usual false tan scent. I applied the medium shade as I think it is both natural and dark enough for me. The instant colour was beautiful and looked very even and smooth on my skin.

I washed it off the next day and was surprised with the results, the tan had great staying power. Usually when I shower off other tanning products the colour fades a lot but this did not happen with this tan. The colour was just as dark as it was when I first applied it.
The tan lasted me about four days before it started to really fade, so unfortunately it did not last a week for me. I have quite dry skin so this could have contributed to it fading faster.

Although I was disappointed it didn't last as long as I'd hoped I was still very happy with this tan. It did last longer on my skin then other false tans I have tried. It also faded gradually and did not look scaly or patchy on my skin. I think I will continue to keep up my daily moisturising routine and hopefully I will get a few more days glow the next time I give it a try.

The new Sunkissed Bronze Professional range is available from Penney's, Superdrug and pharmacies nationwide.

Has anyone else tried this product?