Saturday, 9 August 2014

New Brushes (Sigma Dupe)

As if I needed more brushes! Oh well there's always room for a few more! I bought this brush set a few months back and they were sooo amazing I decided to buy a new set in a different colour. I buy these brushes on eBay, they come from Hong Kong so they take about 4 weeks to arrive but they are definitely worth the wait.

They are pretty much an exact dupe for The Sigma Beauty Synthetic Kabuki 5 Brush Kit. The set comes with five brushes, one Flat Kabuki brush, a Round Top Kabuki brush, an Angled Top Kabuki brush, an Oval Tapered Kabuki brush, and a Angled Kabuki Brush. I use the 2 round brushes when applying my foundation, the angled ones are great when you want to do cream contouring. I use the oval brush to apply powder under the eye area, they are very versatile and have a tonne of uses.

I don't own any Sigma brushes, but I'd imagine the Sigma brushes are slightly better quality, the handle on the eBay brushes is quite light and the ferrule is not as durable as the more expensive brushes I have in my collection but when you look at the price difference I think these brushes are a great alternative.

I will attach a link below to the seller I bought from on eBay. I also bought a 12 brush set on eBay which is exact dupe for The Sigma Beauty Essential Kit, I absolutely love these brushes too and again are well worth the 4 week wait!

Link for 5 brushes - here
Link for the 12 brush set- here

Has anyone else given these brushes a try?

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