Friday, 25 May 2012


My Konad set finally arrived last week, I was dying to open it up and give it a try. I have bought cheap similar products in the past few weeks and they didn't work for me, finally decided to splash out and buy the real Konad set, I was sooo glad I did, it was easy and quick to use, I was amazed!

Heres the first Manicure I tried, I used the white konad nail polish for the first design, I then used China Glaze on top. I was thrilled to find I could use normal polish with this set!

I decided to try out a nude look at the weekend. I used Essence Cotton Candy with a flower Konad stamp and white konad polish. I was thrilled with the results, I could not get over how easy this set was compared to the knock off brands. I will definitely be purchasing more Konad plates!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tutti Frutti Shellac!

On Friday my new shellac colour arrived, Tutti Frutti, it is a fabulous bright pink colour!

I used it to do my friend Hayley’s nails for a christening she was attending at the weekend. We decided to add a few designs with the colour. I added some dots in different sequences on each nail using Shellac Creampuff. I also added some glitter to each nail and some sequence hearts & gold balls to the accent nails.

I love how they turned out, very Barbie look!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Pink Polish!

Last week my sister gave me this gorgeous new pink polish. It is a soft candy pink colour. Decided to try it out straight away.

I was very happy with the colour, but did find it to be a little thick and hard to apply. I decided to remove the polish and try a design instead,I was much happier with the french tips design! What you guys think?!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Nail designs

Last night I decided to try out some new designs using my new dotting tools while i was waiting for my friend to arrive to do her Shellacs! I used a few of my favourite nails polishes for this look. 

OPI- Alpine Snow, China Glaze-Purple Panic, Instyle Pink, OPI-Blackonyx

I love love love China Glaze- Purple Panic, it's a gorgeous neon pink shade! Beautiful for summer!

I finished the look with two coats of Essence Gel Look Top Coat. It streaked a bit as I didnt leave enough time for the colours to dry. I love trying out new designs, think these worked out quite well!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

H&M Nails

Last weekend my mom got back from her trip to Finland, and she brought me back two lovely new H&M polishes to add to my collection!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the lovely red colour she got for me; I will have to do another post on it!

Here’s some photos of the gorg Purple with Gold undertones. I am in love with this colour, so pretty! I think these polishes are great, it was easy to apply and had very little dry time! I may have to invest in some more of these!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slim line Nails

This weekend I decided to root out my old opi polishes and try a design I seen on MakeupWithdrawel .

I started with a simple base coat, I then created a dotting design with four polishes- We'll always have Paris, Parlez Vous OPI, Grey Elle, Shanghai Shimmer.

We'll always have Paris, Parlez Vous OPI, Grey Elle, Alpine Snow, Shanghai Shimmer.

Once it was dry I recreated a graffiti type of design on top with OPI Alpine Snow. Link to youtube tutorial here.
Basically you let a small blob of nail polish to semi dry so it becomes tacky, you then use a tool (dotting tool) to pull the polish across your nail.
I found it to be a pretty hard technique to master, but I think I did ok for my first go at it!

I finished the look with OPI topcoat.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nail Art!

On Friday I got these 11 little bottles of fun in the post! I orderd these from ebay, they cost very little and I was delighted with them. I decided to order these ones as each bottle contains a different design. I also ordered 12 mini bottles of crushed powder, they should arrive this week! Exciting!

I received 4 dotting tools in the post this week, I ordered these from Hong Kong, felt like I was waiting a life time for them to arrive!

I decided to have some fun with all my new tools over the weekend, I tried out several different designs on a display wheel. What do you guys think?

I also painted my nails with my newest favourite polish, China Glaze- Evening Seduction. Love this colour!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! xxx

Friday, 4 May 2012

Karen Carpenter Show

Last night my family and I went to see the Karen Carpenter Show featuring Toni Lee at The National Concert Hall, Dublin. Unfortunately my little sister could not attend as she is Finland, and in hospital, poor Grace, Get well soon!

My parents are big fans of the Carpenters, they used to put on the old vinyl records for us when we were kids, oooh that just shows how old I’m getting! They have an amazing collection of old records, The Bee Gees, Gilbert O'Sullivan, and even a Now that’s what I call music No.1!

I really enjoyed the concert, Toni Lee’s voice is very similar to Karen’s and she put on a fabulous show for everyone.
Toni Lee will also be performing in the Cork Opera House tonight; I hope everyone attending enjoys it as much as we did.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Favourite things

I read this list on have heart, decided to try it out myself!

My favourite letter is D.
My favourite number is 3.
My favourite colour is maroon.
My favourite flowers are orchids.
My favourite place is home.
My favourite animals are penguins.
My favourite smell is clean clothes.
My favourite season is winter.
My favourite food is pizza.
My favourite show is Desperate Housewives.
My favourite sweets are Buttons.
My favourite movie is Six days seven nights.
My favourite time is 4.55pm.
My favourite band is Snow Patrol.
My favourite drink is Starbucks Mocha.
My favourite book is The Passage.
My favourite word is Management.
My favourite thing is my iphone (keeps me connected to all the people I love!)

Send on your list! I'd love to read & see all the different answers and views!