Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Slim line Nails

This weekend I decided to root out my old opi polishes and try a design I seen on MakeupWithdrawel .

I started with a simple base coat, I then created a dotting design with four polishes- We'll always have Paris, Parlez Vous OPI, Grey Elle, Shanghai Shimmer.

We'll always have Paris, Parlez Vous OPI, Grey Elle, Alpine Snow, Shanghai Shimmer.

Once it was dry I recreated a graffiti type of design on top with OPI Alpine Snow. Link to youtube tutorial here.
Basically you let a small blob of nail polish to semi dry so it becomes tacky, you then use a tool (dotting tool) to pull the polish across your nail.
I found it to be a pretty hard technique to master, but I think I did ok for my first go at it!

I finished the look with OPI topcoat.


  1. What a creative design! Love the colours that you used for the dots, they go together really well :) Looks like it would be quite fun to play around with your own designs.

  2. I think these are great... Could you do both hands easily?

    1. It was a much harder to do the other hand, but i guess practice makes perfect! You should give it a try! x

  3. Awesome look! I really want to try this! Just to let you know (in case you didn't already) I have to fill out a word verification if I want to post a comment on your blog. All google blogs do this unless you turn it off. It would make it easier to comment if you turned it off :)

  4. That's beautiful nail art! I like it! xx

    Welcome to visit my blog. If you like it we can follow each other. xx