Thursday, 12 April 2012

Battleship Premiere!

My friend won four tickets on Spin103 Radio Station to go to the Battleship Premiere. Sooooo glad I got to go, the movie was brilliant!

The movie is based on the Battleship game, although there wasn’t much reference to it throughout the movie. Peter Berg produces and directs Battleship. The movie centers around an alien invasion attack on the planet out at sea. The action sequences were very good, and the visual effects of the ships and Alien spaceships were very impressive.

There was plenty of cheesy lines throughout the movie, very much reminded me of The Transformer movies, but I don’t mind some cheese!:) I was also surprised Liam Neeson didn’t make much of an appearance in the movie, but all in all I still really enjoyed it!

P.s Taylor Kitsch who plays Alex Hopper is HOTNESS!

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