Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New Shellac Shade 2012

CND Shellac released six new fabulous colours in March 2012.

Check it out!

I ordered my first one, Dark Lava and it arrived this week, so decided to try it out! Its a gorgeous deep reddish brown colour. I have a fair few lighter shellac colours so I wanted to try a darker shade.

Oooooh which colour will be my next purchase! Decisions decisions!

To see all the fabulous colours CND Shellac has to offer visit


  1. Oh man, I've never tried CND, but it looks like they're putting out some weirder colors, so I'll have to dip in...

    I love the photography on your site so much! (also love your nails, obviously)

    Gave you an award here :)

  2. Hurray!!! Glad you found me. Love gel and CND. Do you use Gelish?

    1. Just using shellac for now, I’m addicted!

      Thanks for visiting! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous shade, a little vampy but really sophisticated as well :)