Thursday, 16 July 2015

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

I think just about everyone has used this brand of masks at some stage. These masks are perfect when you fancy a relaxing  pampering night in. Recently Montagne Jeunesse have added some new masks to their range, I was lucky enough to be sent two of these little beauties to try.

The first mask I tried is called The Brazilian Mud mask*. This mask contains real mud, acai berries and avocado. These ingredients help to keep the skin hydrated and soft, therefore this mask is aimed at people with normal to dry skin. The mud mask is infused in bamboo fabric. I love these type of masks, they look hilarious when you apply them (I have attached a picture for your entertainment). After I got over the initial giggles, I was very impressed with this mask. The material felt super soft and the mud mask smelled amazing. It left my skin feels hydrated and super soft.

The second mask I received is called The Black Seaweed Peel-Off mask*. This mask contains chopped black laver seaweed and crushed sea buckthorn berries. It is aimed at people with oily/combination skin. My skin is normal/dry most of the year but I thought I'd give it a swirl. The mask is jet black and has a oily consistency, again I had great fun applying this one! Unfortunately as I applied this mask in the bath it did not dry enough to allow me to peel it off, so I would advise using this mask in a cooler room and it will dry in 20-25 mins. That being said my skin still felt amazing after I removed it. My skin felt soft and even.

These new Montagne Jeunesse masks are available from Penneys/Primark, Dunnes Stores and pharmacies nationwide.

Find out more about Montagne Jeunesse masks here,


  1. Amy you've just made my day. I'm sitting here in the office laughing out loud at your face. You'll have to do one of these masks for me, please?