Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Introducing Sunkissed Double Sided Mitt

Do you ever feel like you don't get enough applications using your mitt and find rather than attempt to clean it you buy a new one for your next tanning Thursday. Well now you can get double the application with *Sunkissed New Double sided mitt.

Sunkissed used patented barrier proof technology to prevent product leakage on either side of the mitt. As you can use both the front and back of the mitt when applying your tan, the mitt will last you twice as long as any other mitt on the market.

Last week I was at Longitude festival for the weekend, I knew I would be using a bucket load of tan over the weekend so I could truly put this new mitt to the test. I was very impressed. The mitt is made from patented barrier-proof material which allows the product to spread easily and evenly on the skin. After two days of using the 1st side, I moved on to the back of the mitt. It was fantastic, like a brand new mitt, and I didn't experience any tan soaking onto my hand. I also found it very helpful when applying tan to my back and hard to reach areas, because you can use either side of the mitt for application.

I used the Sunkissed Self-tan Mousse in the Dark shade over the weekend, I absolutely adore the Sunkissed tan range. It is a beautiful deep natural shade and lasts for days on the skin. I also love how it stays on your skin after showering it off, I find with some other tanning products a lot of the colour is lost when you shower off the next morning, this is not an issue with Sunkissed.

Sunkissed Double Sided Tanning Mitts are available from Penneys/Primark.

Has anyone else given this product a try?

Learn more about the beautiful Sunkissed brand here,

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