Monday, 2 February 2015

My Experience at Blink & Wink

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Ksenia at Blink & Wink, a new Eyelash and Eyebrow Salon based on Dawson's Street. Ksenia offered me a complementary visit to the new salon and I immediately obliged. Just from looking at the Price list menu I could tell it was going to be a luxurious experience.(Link to price list here).

I chose The Blink & Wink Look Treatment. This treatment includes an eyebrow tint, shape and a lash Tint. I have been very much lacking in looking after my eyebrows for the last few weeks, I tend to overpluck them when I do try to maintain them and then spend the next few weeks trying to grow them back, does anyone else do this? So I was very excited to have my eyebrows looked after by a professional, they definitely needed it!

From the minute I walked in I felt very welcomed. The  girls are lovely and the salon is beautifully decorated. I took a few snaps of the upstairs area, I noticed they sell the Millie Mackintosh lashes, I adore these lashes. Once I arrived, I was offered tea or coffee while I filled out the procedure form. From there Ramona took me downstairs to the treatment room. Here Ramona did a full consultation and we discussed colours and shades for my lashes and brows. Ramona was very friendly and I felt very relaxed during the treatment.

I could not believe the transformation, my brows were exactly how I wanted them. The shade matched my hair perfectly and they looked very full and healthy. I usually have to fill in my brows a lot but over the weekend I could leave the house without having to apply any brow makeup, this will be a real time saver in the morning. I was also very impressed with my lashes, I have quite light brown lashes so the Black tint really improved my lashes, they look more defined and voluminous.

(My brows are filled in the Before photos, After where taken straight after treatment with no brow or lash makeup)

Overall I was delighted with my trip to Blink & Wink, I will definitely be going back for another treatment. As the salon is based on Dawson street it is in a prime location and easily accessible. I think during my next visit I will try out one of the facial treatments.

For more details about Blink & Wink you can visit their website, Blink & Wink and Facebook page here.

Thank you very much to the ladies at Blink & Wink, I will see you soon.

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