Friday, 23 January 2015

Online Shopping, Good or Bad? Or just so so Good!

Is anyone else obsessed with online shopping? I love a good sale, but find it a lot easier and more relaxing to shop online. When there is a sale on in a store, there is clothes all over the place. You can simply visit their online site and choose price options, sizes, styles, it makes it so much easier.

If you are looking for a certain style top or dress you simply type this into the search bar and everything you are looking for appears on the screen. I find I spend less money on clothes online, as I find items in sales or use online discount clothes.

There is also downsides to everything and this includes online shopping. It is such a pain when something arrives and it not at all what you hoped it would be or is slightly too small or too big, sending items back to the website can be hassle and costly.
I also think I have a tendency to buy more than I need while I'm online shopping, the cart just fills up and up and my wishlist is a mile long!

My favourite online stores are Asos, Boohoo & Missguided.

What do you think of online shopping? Pros & cons?

What are your favourite online stores?


  1. I always end up spending so much money when i'm online shopping! I am loving Missguided at the moment though! They have so many amazing things in xx

    Abi |
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  2. I spend WAYYY too much money online! Showpo and BooHoo are my current obsessions! :D
    I recently tagged you in the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award- you can find my questions here:

    I look forward to reading your answers! :) xx

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