Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Favourites

I cant believe it is October. Where has the summer gone! That said, I'm excited for Autumn, its my favourite time of year. I love wearing woollies and boots and going for brisk walks in the Autumn weather. Anyway back to beauty! Here is a few things I've been loving through September-

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff- This has become my stable exfoliator, it is perfect for getting rid of those stubborn tan stains and leaves your skin feeling soft and vibrant- Review here.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette- My lovely friend Hayley bought this gorgeous palette for me. It is filled with gorgeous gold, brown & neautral shades. These shades are perfect for everyday and evening looks. I believe this palette is completely sold out on the Mua website. It is obviously in high demand!

Barry M Polish- Raspberry- I picked up this gorgeous bright red shade in Boots last weekend during a Buy one get one half price offer. I absolutely love it, it is a perfect shade for the Autumn months. Picture below.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation- I picked up this foundation while I was in Leitrim with some friends, we went on a bit of a splurge in Boots. I had been told this foundation is very similar to Estee Lauder Double wear and I whole heartily agree! It gives the same amount of coverage, leaves a seamless finish and lasts for hours on your skin. Link for full review here.

Has anyone else tried out these products? Or written an August Favourites this month?


  1. Love the MUA palette as well. You just reminded me to use it :) I also really like the shade of Barry M polish :)

  2. Love that nailpolish shade!

  3. I had the colorstay in my favourites too. Love it so much!

  4. I love the Barry M polish! Lovely favorites Amy!


  5. The CB stuff sounds like exactly what I need, is it in Boots? I don't remember seeing it anywhere

  6. New follower! Lovely blog! Please check us out if you get a chance!

  7. I have this MUA palette too. Love it!!

  8. That Barry M Nail Polish looks delicious! I have something very similar on my 'Winter Wishlist' - you should check it out :-)
    Lovely blog btw, now following!
    x x