Thursday, 9 May 2013

Catrice Prime And Fine Highlighting Powder

I decided to purchase a new highlighting powder this month. My friend read a great review about the Catrice powder on Sosueme so I decided to give it a try!

Good News-
Value for money, Price €4.99
Nice packaging- sleek with engraved writing
The consistency of the product is soft and glides on your skin
Gorgeous colour- pink undertone

Bad News-
Not highly pigmented, I found using my fingers rather then a brush created more colour
It doesn't have a mirror inside, which is a bit disappointing

Overall I was very happy with the product, it was easy to use and created a nice subtle brightness to my skin. If you are looking for a subtle highlight, this is the powder for you.

Has anyone else tried this product?

Find out more about Catrice Products here,




  1. oh interesting, def giving this a go

  2. Oh nice! I've only used highbeam as a highlighter but a powder form would be nice.
    Your blog is super cute and interesting to read.

    Would appreciate it if you check out my blog! :)

  3. I might give it a go, need a new highlighter and the price is really good

  4. Wow, such a nice interview! I like it! : )

  5. Hi Amy, thanks for following my blog, happy to follow back. I recently won a bunch of Catrice cosmetics and have been loving them, great bargain brand.