Monday, 22 April 2013

Makeup Storage

Lots of people have done this post on how they organise their makeup. I think its a great idea, you can get great tips on storage and organisation tips.

So I thought I would share how I store my makeup, Hair accessories etc...

I store all my makeup etc in a large Plastic Storage chest. I got this chest last year for Christmas. You can purchase them from Argos for €27.49. I filled the box with smaller plastic boxes.

First Box-In the back of this box I store my foundations, concealers & primers. In the other two boxes I store all my eye shadows.

Second Box- In the second Box I have two Jars which store my lipliners, eyeliners & Mascaras. At the front, I have boxes containing all my lipsticks & lip glosses. I store my blushers along the side of this box.


Third Box- In here I store all my pallets & False tan.

Fourth Box- In here I store all my hair products, styling products, bobbins, hair brush, basically anything hair related.

My sister stores all her makeup brushes in jam jars, I thought this was a lovely idea, very creative, so I did the same with mine.

Hope this was helpful. Has anyone else done a post like this?




  1. This is a really good idea :) Love organisation ideas!

    Jo xx

  2. I'm such a nosy person so love these posts!

  3. I like that you called me creative..... your a tidy nerd x

  4. Wow, you have a lot of make-up and a great way of storing it :)

  5. I love seeing these posts. I'm a new follower, would love for you to check my blog out. I desperately need some bits for my storage and once i've found them I'm gonna do a post like this. The jam pot thing is really cute :)

    1. I will check it out Becki, would love to see the post when you do it! xxx

  6. very jealous of your makeup collection, your blog is really good! new follower here :)i'd love it if you followed me back
    Jorden x