Thursday, 28 February 2013

Brows a-go -go Benefit Review

My sister asked me to seek out a good eyebrow shaping kit for her a few weeks ago. So I checked through some reviews and blogs and found a lot of great reviews for the Benefit eyebrow shaping kits- Brows a-go-go & Brows Zings.

I decided to purchase the Brows a-go-go as it is a brow shaping and eye shaping kit. The Kit contains brow zings powder (light), brow zings powder (dark), brow zings wax, smokin' liner, eye bright, brow highlighter powder, mini tweezers, hard angle / talent brush & a step-by-step lesson guide.

Good News-
Lovely packaging, compact size, great for throwing in your handbag
Provides a step by step guide on how to use the kit
The brow wax keeps the eyebrow neat and tidy all day
The highlighter really brightens up the eyes

Bad News-
Retailing at approx. €30 is it quite pricey
The liner is quite standard, found it hard to apply

Overall I think this is a nice little kit, my sister was delighted with how easy it was to use. She says she will be adding it to her everyday makeup routine.

Find out more about Benefit eye kits here,



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