Friday, 2 November 2012

Tattoo the fashion must?

Lately everywhere I go I see new tattoo's on people. I myself have none but will be getting one on jan 11th, this day marks a huge personal turn in my life and the tattoo I chose is the lyric line in a Ben Howard song ' And ill be yours to keep' it means so many great things to me.

So as I continue in college I see more and more tattoo's gracing the catwalks of NY,Milan and Paris... What are people's opinions on them? Chanel last year and this year launched a whole line of fake tattoo chains,necklaces etc. MAC make up also did a product line for fake tattoo's? So I ask you all this, do our outfits of dresses, coats, heels,bags,jewellery and false lashes now need tattoo's??

Sarah x

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