Tuesday, 6 November 2012

French Tip Tutorial

Last week I decided to do a normal boring French Manicure. Seen as I generally have unusual colours and designs on my nails it was nice to do something simple for a change.
I've looked at several tutorials on how to get the perfect neat french tips and found this method works best for me.
Step 1- Apply a layer of white polish to the top of your nails, this does not have to be perfect (I used OPI- Alpine Snow)

Step 2- Dip a small brush into some nail polish remover or acetone and begin to remove excess white polish from nail, creating a neat line.

Step 3- Once nail polish is dry, Apply two layers of top coat (I used Essence Gel Look Top Coat)
Optionally you can apply a light pink colour over the white before layering on your Top Coat, in order to tone down the bright White and make it a more natural colour.
Here's the results!

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  1. Im so awful at doing french paints on myself so this is perfect thank you!!