Friday, 12 October 2012

The White House Teeth Whitening

I finally got my teeth whitened!

I have tried several  avenues to try get my teeth whiter, toothpastes, gels, avoiding certain foods. People are always asking me how i get my teeth so white, I don’t really think they are very bright, but I always respond with the usual, Pearl drops and other whitening toothpastes.

A few days ago I read about The White House on a blog and decided to see was there one near where I live and was thrilled to find there is one in Dundrum which is 10 mins away from my home!

Without regard to money or finances I gave them a call and made an appointment for this week. I was delighted to find they are doing a special offer at the moment, The Whitening treatment is now €195 from the normal price of €250, with a free re-treatment in the next 18 months included, worth €99!

I had my appointment yesterday afternoon, and I am thrilled with the results!

The process took one hour, which included two 20mins session of laser treatment, I found my teeth became a bit sensitive during the last 20min session but I powered through. I experienced some sensitivity last night but thankfully have no pain today!

What do you guys think of the results?

You can find out more about The White House here


  1. Your teeth are looking fanstastic! There is defintely a noticable difference! x

  2. So true, and what’s perhaps even more devastating is that there’s been so little support to help the community rebuild.

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