Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Square Shaped Nails

I usually have round shaped nails, so decided to change it up for a while and file them into squares.

I’m not sure which i prefer, I think square can look neater with polish on them and more striking but I do also prefer the more soft subtle look of round shaped nails hmmm...

I was supposed to go shopping this weekend to buy myself some new Autumn colour polishes, but unfortunately I came down with a cold and wasn’t able to do a big shopping day. So I rooted out my giant box of polishes and found a nice navy glittery colour to do me until I get to the shops.

Its called Revlon- Midnight Affair, it is a lovely navy colour with silver sparkle. I was hoping to purchase a nice burgundy colour, and a deep mustard colour, I’m feeling much better today so hopefully I’ll make it to the shops later.

What's your favourite nail shape?

1 comment:

  1. I love square shaped nails! Mine naturally grow that way which is strange! x