Sunday, 23 September 2012

My first fashion post

So as Amy has told you all I'm Sarah, her older sister,room mate and bestie! I'll be running everything fashion from now on... I'll tell you a little about myself!

I am a qualified hair stylist for the past 9 years and a make up artist for about 4 of those years. I worked for Peter mark and aveda. I was also very lucky to do a lot of work with RTE, the National concert hall and have travelled to London to work with TOPSHOP and Charles Worthington.

But although I loved my job, it had a lot of bad points too and after along think I soon realised I wasn't happy being a hair stylist anymore.

Over this summer I was super lucky to do work experience with I worked at loads of amazing festivals from ' Body and soul' to ' Electric Picnic' doing production work. So I starting to think passion for hair and event planning? Back to college for me! So I'm enrolled in Sallynoggin College for ' Fashion industry practice' and jumped straight into second year! That's what a good portfolio does! Two weeks in of event management, journalism, and fashion styling...... I'm hooked!

So on this blog I'll be talking about fashion of hair, make up, clothing, music and gigs! I'm pretty loud, I'm pretty funny, I pretty much talk 24/7... So roll on my blog... Thanks guys. Sarah xx

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