Monday, 24 September 2012

Birthday Celebrations

This weekend was pretty crazy. My mom & my sister both celebrated their brithdays! My mom on the 22nd and my sister, Grace, on the 23rd.

On Saturday we celebrated with Grace, we had a lovely dinner party with all our friends. Grace made us all some fabulous food, thanks so much Gracie! We then headed to town for some dancing and drinks.  Some photos of our craziness in town-

My dad took my mom away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday, I think they also wanted a quick escape from the Saturday night dinner party madness. They went off to Bunratty Castle Co. Clare for the night. On Sunday when they got home we all had a lovely family dinner and gave my mom and sister their pressies.

Grace's new cardi

Grace showing off her new bunny pjs

Amazing weekend, Hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend!



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