Friday, 13 April 2012

To market, to market we go!

Happy Friday fellow bloggers!

Today my friend Hayley and I strolled over to the Leopardstown Farmers Market on our lunch break from work.

It is a lovely market situated in Leopardstown Racecourse. It is open every Friday 9am till 3pm. There is several lovely stalls, some indoor and some outdoor. Plenty of different options, Cakes, Veggies, Meats, Jams! Loads to choose from!

We decided to have some Chicken & Ham pies for lunch from one of the outside stalls, they were delish!

I also bought some homemade jam for my sister, she's crazy about jams! Decided on Strawberry & Apple from 88foodcompany.

We got some Raspberry sponge to share for the walk back to work! Yum. Hayley picked up some Marshmallow swirls for her little guy Noah, We may have eaten one of them on the way back too! All full up now!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xoxo