Friday, 20 April 2012

Essence Polish

I've read such great things about Essence polishes on both agirlandherpolish and Sweet Sugar so I decided I'd have to give them a try.

They can be found in most Dunnes Stores and Penneys (Primark) around Ireland. Retailing at the fabulous price of 1.29 per bottle!

I went to purchase one and was overcome by the assortment of colours, shades, glitters!! So I settled on four bottles for now!

Modern Romance, Fateful Desire, Space Queen, A lovely Secret.

The first colour I tested was 'A lovely Secret'. Here's how it turned out!
Base Coat, 2x A lovely Secret, Top Coat.

Next I to tried out 'Modern Romance' with 'Space Queen'. The manicure worked out lovely, sorry the pictures aren't great!
Base Coat, 2x Modern Romance, 2x Space Queen, Top Coat.

I was very happy with the Essence polishes and will definitely purchase more, I think i've started a new obsession! The only downside I could find to these polishes was, they tend to dry very quickly, guess this can be a good thing, but if you're a bit of a slow painter, like myself, you may run into some difficulty.


  1. I always walk by these in Pennys but have never bothered to look at them but now I need "A lovely secret" such a beautiful colour! I have been looking for a nice purple shade but have been reluctant to spend money on it as Im not sure if it will suit my skin tone so these are perfect! xxx

  2. Beautiful colours Amy at such a low price - sure you couldn't leave them there x :)

  3. Essence has some really gorgeous colours and they're so affordable! I really like their glitter polishes in particular, think I need to get Space Queen :)

  4. They look lovely :)
    Love the lilac one! Perfect! xx