Friday, 30 June 2017

Goss Media 3rd Birthday Party

Last night my sister and I attended the Goss Media 3rd Year Birthday Party.

Within the last three years Goss Media has launched three sites (, and
They currently have a readership of 700,000 a month. To celebrate all this success, Goss Media held a Birthday bash in the gorgeous revamped Krystal nightclub.

The event was sponsored by Platinum Luxury Hair Extensions who also launched their highly anticipated Clip In Collection at the event.
Everyone knows I am a huge hair extension fan, I currently have Elite extensions, pre-bonded. While I love having my long hair, it can be a bit of a pain during the week when you don't need long voluminous locks for the office!
I find it difficult to maintain my extensions, I'm a big fan of back combing so my extensions get caught up and tangled. I'm thinking Clip In's might be a better option for me. These new clip in's look absolutely gorgeous, they feel very soft, and are easily maintained and styled.

 How cute are the mini suit bags!

We had a fantastic girly evening out together, it's been a while since I have had a chance to have a night out with my sister. It was also lovely to catch up with some faces I haven't seen in a while since I've been away from the blogging world for almost a year!

Myself & Niamh (

I'm off to Limerick for the weekend, so I had to pack and have Tanning Thursday when I got home, but I managed to take a quick peek at the goodie bag from Goss Media. Inside were some fabulous new products, I cannot wait to try them out.

Check out Goss Media here- Link
Check out Platinum Luxury Hair Extensions here- Link

My Elite hair extensions were applied by my beautiful sister, Sarah Ethel, you can find all her details here- Link

Thank you so much to Goss Media and Platinum Luxury Hair Extensions for a fantastic evening.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,


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  2. Such a lovely birthday party. You must had a good time there. I am invited to an annual party of a salon at one of New York venues. Will definitely go there along with my few friends. It will be a good time to enjoy the party.