Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pastels in Autumn/ Winter?

I'm sure like myself once the darker evenings roll in and the Autumn/Winter months begin I put my Summer nail polishes to the back of the drawer and the dark polishes make an appearance. While I was in New York, I picked up three gorgeous Essie shades, surprisingly I didn't pick up any dark shades. I'm usually a bigger fan of the deeper winter shades, I don't know what happened, but surprisingly I have been loving these lighter shades this month.

The Essie shades are called Urban Jungle (a pale nude shade), Mademoiselle (a pale pink shade) and Sparkle on top. I have worn all three in the last few weeks and absolutely love them. Essie have so many beautiful shades in there range, I wish it wasn't so expensive to purchase here in Ireland.

Mademoiselle with Sparkle on top 

Is anyone else enjoying some pastel nail shades this Autumn/ Winter?

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  1. Pastels are sparkle look so lovely in the winter!! All about the glitter for the festive season xx

    Abi |