Friday, 31 January 2014

Mac 224 vs ebay dupe

I have been eyeing the Mac 224 brush for as long as I can remember. My sister has one and I was forever robbing it from her room. I just didn't think I could bring myself to pay so much for a makeup brush but eventually I caved and bought it during a trip over to the UK. Before making my purchase I ordered a dupe from ebay. Here are my findings and differences between the two.

Handle & Ferrule - The ebay copy is slightly smaller in length and the material is not as good quality. The 224 has a wood handle and nickel-plated brass ferrules, it is a very sturdy brush, you can see from the pictures the ferrule on the dupe is quite loose. 

Bristles- The ebay brush has shorter more dense bristles. I find this to be the biggest difference and what makes it completely different to the 224. The 224 has a small amount of very light bristles which help to blend the shades onto the lid. The dupe bristles are far more dense, they do not blend the shadows as well as the 224. 

Cost of brushes- Ebay Dupe- €2,  Mac 225- €33 

Overall I think there is a vast difference between the two, One blends eye shadows, the dupe not so much. So I have to say even though there is a €31 price difference, I think its best to save the money and fork out for the real deal!

This 224 brush has become a stable of mine, I'm not sure I could do eye makeup without it now! Has anyone else heard of a good dupe for this brush? I hear Sigmas blending brush is very similar?


  1. I love the part 'Robbed from my sister' ....xx

  2. oh such a shame it doesn't compare to the real McCoy :( I have the Sigma E40 and that's such an amazing brush, I love it! xx

    Gemma //

  3. Its a pity its completely different. Quality over quantity I say, xoxo.