Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Oasis Personal Stylist Experience

On Saturday I made an appointment to go visit the lovely Claire Lane.  Claire is employed by Oasis to provide a Personal Stylist Service at their Oasis Store in the Dundrum Shopping Centre. 
Like most people I know what clothes I like to wear.  However, putting a whole outfit together is another story entirely! The Personal Stylist Service at Oasis helps to complete a look without the stress.  Whether you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, or simply looking for some fresh work wear ideas, this service is there to help.
As I am in the office five days a week, I get sick of wearing the same clothes day in day out.  So, on Saturday I decided to make an appointment with Claire to see what outfits she would suggest for me.  I was delighted with the service she provided. 

First off, the appointment started with a complimentary trip to Starbucks. While in Starbucks Claire and I had a lovely chat, about the type of clothes, styles and colours I would usually wear, and what exactly I was hoping to get from the Personal Stylist Service.  We then headed back to the store to try on some clothes.  Claire was very helpful, rather than picking up several different miscellaneous items, Claire choose a few key pieces for me- A high waisted skirt, slim leg trousers and simple  blouses.  She demonstrated how picking a few key pieces could transform my work wardrobe.  By using these key pieces I could easily come up with several different outfits for the week.
I was very impressed with the service. I think this service would be perfect for anyone who has a wedding, or a special event coming up.  For those of you who are perhaps heading back into the working world, and need some advice/tips on work wear that suits you, I would really recommend making an appointment with Claire in Oasis in the Dundrum Shopping Centre.

Has anyone tried the Personal Stylist Service at Oasis, Dundrum?
Thank you to Claire for a fabulous experience!

To avail of this service simply contact Oasis Dundrum, or Claire directly on 086-0280476 or email clairelan@oasis-stores.co.uk.

The Oasis Personal Stylist Service is also available at Oasis Stephens Green, and Oasis in Cork.



  1. I have never tried a Personal Stylist Service, but I woulf love to! I think it's really useful specially when you are looking to transform your wardrobe.

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