Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bling Nail Appliqués

Last week my lovely friend Maeve gave me a set of these as a gift. I have never tried nail wraps before so I was dying to try them out.

I absolutely loved the design, so unique. The pack comes with 18 stickers in total.

The application was very easy. You simply peel the wrap from the paper and stick it to your nail bed. Once you have it securely in place you can cut away the access wrap with a scissors. I was thrilled with how easy they were to apply.
I put them on my fingers Saturday morning and still had all 10 wraps when I was going out on Saturday night, unfortunately I managed to loose one while I was out but I still think they had great staying power as they lasted me the day. I would say these are more for a special occasion or one-off wear, I don't think they would last more then a day on your nails.

I am not sure of the exact price for these wraps as they were a gift.  The nail wraps are available from Penneys/Primark nationwide. They are several different shades and designs to choose from.

Has anyone else tired Bling Nail Appliqués?


  1. Ouu your nails look awesome! :)
    I've had nail wraps but I never seem to get them to work properly. I have acrylic nails, so they are a bit wider. Your nails are pretty :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  2. If you throw on a top layer of clear polish you can extend the time you get out of them a little bit! They're selling them in Dunnes €4.99 at the mo!

    1. I must try them with a top coat, thanks for the tip and price info! xxx