Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mumford & Sons at The Phoenix Park

On Sunday I attended Mumford and Sons at the Phoenix Park with my friend Fiona and my sister, Sarah. We had an amazing day. The sunny weather has stuck around in Dublin and it really changed the atmosphere of the day. I was at the Phoenix Park concerts last year and it was a completely different atmosphere. The weather was rainy and dark. This year the sun was splitting the trees, everyone was in high spirits walking around in shorts, shades and summer dresses. The hot weather made the very long walk down the park feel a little longer, I actually had to take my sandals off for a while.

Once we got there we had an amazing time. Ben Howard was amazing! I absolutely love his music. My sister bought her ticket solely to see Mr Howard. He sang all our favourites- 'Keep your head up', 'Only love' & 'The wolves' and kept my favourite song for last- 'The Fear'. Mumford and Sons arrived on stage half an hour later and they were also amazing! I don't know their whole album but they played plenty of crowd pleasers- 'I will wait', 'Lover of the light'. All in all, we had an incredible day. Here's a few snaps of our day-

Was anyone else at the Phoenix Park concerts?

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend,




  1. Isn't this weather just divine! Your gig outfit is great. Love outdoor concerts!

    Cat x


    1. Thank you Cat! Yes the weather is amazing at the moment, hopefully it sticks around for another weekend!x

  2. Love the photo's:) Heard off loads that the concert was brilliant, would have loving to go x