Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sleep In Rollers

I heard about these a few months ago. My sister noticed them on special and picked them up for me! I had heard so much about them, I was dying to give them a try! Imagine how much time you would save prepping your hair while you sleep!

You get two packs of ten rollers; unfortunately my set didn’t come in the nice handy bag they usually come in! I love the colour and look of them, so fun and girly!

They have a large piece of foam in each roller which makes them more comfortable when sleeping!.. But do they work?

Good News-

Retailing at  €20.50, they are a decent price

They are easy enough to get into your hair, Althought after looking at a few pictures online, I think if i had i put them in differently i would have gotten a better result.

I loved the packaging and the colour

They gave my hair lots of volume!

Bad News-

I found it was more volume then curls

Some of them fell out of my hair throughout the night, I do have quite short hair so this could have been the reason, perhaps I might try using some pins to keep them in place next time!


All in all I was happy with the results, They definitely give you great volume at the root of the hair, which I love, usually I can only get that look from a Salon or when my lovely sister is so kind and blow dries my hair for me!

Check out Velcro Sleep Rollers Facebook Page, also their official website.



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