Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year!


'We have a leap year because a standard year is not actually exactly 365 days long - it's 365.2422 days long, so slightly longer than we count in a standard year calendar.'

Leap year is also well known as the one day of the year were a women can propose to a man, it is said this old Irish tradition dates back to the 5th century! When St Patrick agreed to allow females to propose on one day of the year, the leap day, feb 29th.

I'v heard of a few birthdays on today, it must be very exciting when you have to wait 4 yrs for your day to come! Whatever you are up to today, I hope everyone enjoys the day and tries to do something spontaneous and out of the ordinary....

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  1. Wasn't St Patrick so nice to allow women propose once every four years?